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Help and FAQ / What happens to my data

What happens to my data?

The orb allows you to report your concerns about online incidents in one central location.

We are working with partner agencies including NZ Police, Department of Internal Affairs, the Privacy Commissioner, Consumer Protection, the Commerce Commission, the National Cyber Security Centre and the New Zealand Customs Service to direct your complaints through to the organisation best able to investigate or advise you on online incidents.

Deleting your orb report data

Once you have made a report via the orb, NetSafe staff will work to identify the most suitable partner to deal with the incident.

When that agency considers your report closed the system will delete off your identifiable details - when provided - and we will only retain aggregate data like location and type of report to help NetSafe and our partners analyse trends.

Please read our privacy policy, terms of use and security policy for further information

Disclosing your personal information

The orb service has been designed to be used anonymously but your report of an online incident is more likely to be investigated and action taken by one of our partner agencies if you disclose your personal information via the web forms.

Once you have chosen the type of report you would like to make you will be submitting your information in a secure environment via a 256 bit SSL high grade encrypted connection.

Sharing your report with partner agencies

All information submitted in your report will be securely stored and the most relevant partner agency will then be able to access and transfer this information to their own systems.

Your data will be treated as confidential at all times - should you choose to make an anonymous report, we will not log your computer's IP address so we will be unable to trace anonymous reports submitted.

However, if you choose to provide your details when making a report, your information may be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency. In the event of an investigation, you may be contacted by the agency to provide more information to them.