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Help and FAQ / What is happening to the orb?

What is happening to the orb?

The Orb was developed by Netsafe in 2010 to offer all New Zealanders a simple and secure way to report their concerns about online incidents. We are now undergoing some changes to the way in which New Zealanders can make reports to Netsafe, and as a result of this we will be moving all of our reporting to a single reporting platform at This means that from the 25th of March, we are no longer taking reports at

We are continuing to with partner agencies to direct your reports through to the organisation best able to investigate or advise you on various types of online incidents that include scams and frauds, spam messages, objectionable material, privacy breaches and problems whilst shopping online.

Our partners currently include: NZ Police, the Department of Internal Affairs, CERT NZ, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Consumer Protection, the Commerce Commission, the National Cyber Security Centre and the New Zealand Customs Service.